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3 Things to Know About Google My Business

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

There is a lot to think about when starting your small business. After you have your product or service it’s time to showcase it and most businesses don’t skip out on the opportunity of designing a website to reach their customers online. But let’s be honest, we aren’t all professionals at everything so you may have forgot, or didn’t know about Google My Business. Don’t fret, here are the basics.

Google My Business is part of the box on the right hand side of your search results when you Google your favorite business or restaurant. It will contain a short description about the company, hours of operations and usually some photos along with directions on how to get there. Yes, we understand your website lists all this information so why do I need to list it again with Google My Business? Did you know that there are Over 3.5 billion searches made every single day on Google, so let's just say, you want to make sure you can be found.

Here are 3 things to know about Google My Business.

1. It’s FREE.

You’re already investing a lot into your business, why not take advantage of a free service that helps attract customers to your business. Not only is it free, Google does a nice job at making this process pretty simple.

2. Puts you on the local results.

All those people that are searching on Google are potential customers and when you show up on the top of your local search results you have a better chance of connecting with them. Google My Business also lets you customize any sales or specials you have going on which makes it a great platform to post some of your daily specials to pick up some local traffic.

3. Boosts customer reviews.

Customer reviews are like winning the lottery and Google My Business encourages customers to review your business and engage with you. We all know how important customer reviews are when we are searching for products and services so make sure you ask your customers to go to Google and leave a review right there on the right hand side of the search engine where they might have found you from the get go. Make sure you keep your eye on those reviews because you always want to make sure you can respond to a customer that might need some attention. FYI...we love taking customer reviews and turning them into a post on social media.

Let’s summarize Google My Business. Google is important so let’s play by their rules, it’s a win win for everyone. Registering your business with Google helps you get your business to stand out on Google Search and Maps. Your customers are already searching online so make sure your business is one of the top options for search engines. Once you get registered, Google My Business has some pretty helpful analytics. The insight feature is fairly straightforward and tracks how customers are interacting with your listing. It’s best to keep track of these interactions and make some changes based on the results. In the end, Google My Business is simple to create and well worth the time.

Need help with setting up your business with Google My Business? We'd be happy to help, for FREE! Contact us today for more details.

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