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Managing Social Media

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

To the managers and owners out there that just shove the social media duties onto another position, please stop. Unlike your own personal social media page that has random thoughts and pictures of what you had for dinner last night. Your businesses social media page must have a strategy. If you don’t have a designated person to manage this strategy, you are missing out on the potential success of social media. If your employee already has a full plate and social media is just “added” when you “can do it”, it will never get done. Let’s dig into 3 reasons why a social media role in your business plan is vital.

An employee that already has their own job responsibilities most likely doesn’t have the time to take on a social media position. Even if they are capable and maybe have the time this month, what happens when they get busy next month? Browsing through a social media page to see that a post was made yesterday and the previous post was 3 months ago, makes your company look unstable.

Customers spend 20-40% more money on companies who engage with them on social media.

Time. The amount of time it takes to create a successful social media strategy can be overestimated. Maybe it only takes a few minutes to make a post when you have an event or something exciting going on, but what about the lag time in between. Digging down to create something relevant and interesting takes time and research. Along with creating content, there needs to be visuals that go along with it. Let’s take the example of writing a blog. The minimum amount of time it takes to create one blog is about 5 hours, and that’s on the low end. An average blogger can spend up to 10 hours. Once the blog is created, you’ll need to post on all your social media platforms, which means creating the tagline to go along with it. That’s before even getting to the idea of running a paid ad for that post. Posting on social media might be free if you’re not running an ad but it’s definitely not easy.

71% of social media participants say they are more likely to purchase from a brand they follow online.

Unless you had something happen that went “viral” and your social media presence took off like a bat out of hell, this takes time. Having an employee post a couple times a week and spend a few hours on your social media isn’t going to get you much attention. Stop trying to look for shortcuts and find someone who can dedicate their efforts towards implementing your social media strategy. When you have someone on staff, give them the freedom to be creative to bring the everyday conversation into your brand. One of the greatest aspects of social media is that you can try new things to see what grabs customers attention. Be a little goofy, try something new and see what happens. Who knows, maybe it will go viral!

We understand your social media needs to prove itself. Give it the chance you give any other area of your business and hire a dedicated position to manage this and you’ll see your return on investment. By proving your ROI you’ll also be able to measure and track your social media which allows you to dedicate more time and resources in the areas that bring the most value to your business. In closing, if you’re going to take social media seriously, hire a person or hire SEED Marketing Creations.

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