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What makes great content, great?

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

I am in a constant search of how to best create effective website designs for local business leaders. In this online digital marketing world we live in, I have learned the importance of having an active blog on your website.

It's more than just having a blog, it's a blog with relevant content for your website. What makes for a great content piece with relevant content? Is it the facts that are listed within it? Is it the author and their list of titles and published articles that follow? I'm sure all of those add a little something to the piece, but what really make great content is merely the urge to continue reading it. The connection you have to the words and how you are able to relate to the blog plays a major role. The goal of your blog needs to focus on what the reader can take away from it and it doesn't always have to be a measurable objective. Readers can take a piece that betters their business, state of thinking or even to simply ground themselves and become a better person in this world.

I recently read a great blog, written by a local woman, that accomplished all of these things. The blog had nothing to do with how to create a website or better your SEO strategy, but it was a great content piece; it kept me intrigued, wanting more. I was able to read the blog on my phone, which meant is was mobile friendly (a must!) and easy to scroll through. I felt a connection with the words. I took a step back and reflected on my own life, appreciating all the blessings around me. After reading the blog, I also wanted to "pay it forward", do my part to spread a little caring and love to my local community. Reading a great content piece changes your reader. It may not have anything to do with a reader's current profession, but that definitely does not make it irrelevant content. I invite you to visit We Live Here and read the piece titled No Answers by Erica Peterson. I assure you, you'll understand my purpose of using this example as a great content piece.

Erica Peterson
Erica Peterson, Writer of We Live Here

Remember that every blog you post on your website doesn't have to directly relate to your business or the products you sell. By going off the cuff a bit, you show that your company is alive and not just a robot looking for their next lead. Some might say this is veering off your brand strategy, but don't be scared. Customers want to feel connected with your business and this is one way to fulfill their need.

Need a little help creating relevant content for your company? Let SEED help you with that. Contact us for details.

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